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Our Commitment To You

Lodestone Systems is committed to keeping our customers happy.

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.*

If we can't keep our customers happy, we don't deserve to keep them. That's why Chris Daley adopted this guarantee from the beginning of the company. He also worked for Sears, Roebuck & Co. while in college and found it was a lot more fun keeping customers happy rather than arguing with them.

One of the ways we ensure your satisfaction is to work with you up front to assess your needs and come up with a game plan to solve them. Many times the true needs of a company or project are much different than the perceived needs. Lodestone Systems will work with you to assess your needs and look at alternatives. And sometimes, we'll tell you that you really don't want to do what you think you want to do -- there are cheaper or better alternatives.

Our "No Bull" Guarantee

If we don't have a good answer to your question or problem, we'll admit it.

Nothing is worse that getting bad or misleading information. When brilliance is not available, we will not bury you in bull.

Lodestone Systems is in the business of solutions, not consulting hours. We have many years of experience with both companies and non-profits in a wide range of industries and technologies. By working with you up front, we can avoid many of the problems and pitfalls that turn projects sour. We can both learn your true needs and create a workable, realistic plan that will solve those needs and make you, your boss, your employees and your customers happy.

To get more information on our services or a solution to your information processing problem, contact us at (602) 515-8752 or e-mail

* The Details: Our money back guarantee works as follows: If you are not satisfied with the products or services we've provided, we will give you a complete refund of all amounts paid upon return of all copies of reports, hardware, software, documentation, etc. provided to you by us. Obviously, we want to talk about this first. And we cannot refund any monies paid to third parties.

We want you to be happy and will put our money where our mouth is.