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Replacing A Web Server - part 2

Sometimes you have to do it over to get it right -- May 30, 2008

Well, it turned out that the original replacement web server had problems. Biggest issue was the server would reboot itself every 12 to 48 hours -- like someone coming up and pressing the reset button. Not a good idea when you have programs running. Never lost any data, but it confused the MySQL data table indexes more than once.

So, Deru, our ISP, created a second server for us.

While testing this server, ran into problems where MySQL would not run. Now we know MySQL has been out for a long time and works on just about anything, so the problem was somewhere else. Turned out, ZoneAlarm did not like running on the new quad core server with Windows 2003 Server. Not sure what the issue was, but replaced ZoneAlarm and everything ran fine.

So, reloaded the server, this time sans ZoneAlarm, and it just came right up.

The following is the log from the migration from the original Deru server to this second Deru server. Things went much better this time...

Migration Log
4:02 PM
Starting the server migration. E-mail will be going off-line in a few minutes and you should not be updating web sites at this time.
4:31 PM
Backups going well. Should be ready to start copying files in a few minutes.
5:10 PM
Started serving web sites from the new web server. It will take a few hours for everyone to switch over, but the migration process went MUCH faster than last time. E-Mail, FTP, etc. are still off-line.
6:24 PM
Working on e-mail ... looks like it's back on-line. May be flakey for the next 15 minutes or so as I'm updating configuration values.
6:47 PM
E-mail is back up. FTP access is next.
7:06 PM
E-mail not up. The Windows OS is being "helpful" again. Should have it back up again in a few minutes. Have needed to re-boot the new server while I troubleshoot this issue.
8:00 PM
E-mail has been back up for a while. Working on firewall issues with FTP.
8:28 PM
Passive mode FTP (which is what most people use) is working without problem. Active mode FTP is being blocked by the a firewall. For now, please use passive mode (should be an option on your FTP program). FTP is now up and you are now welcome to update web sites again.
8:50 PM
Server up and running. Everything appears operational except for active mode FTP (see below). Let me know if you have any problems.
Lessons & Observations
Post Mortem

After all the problems with the old servers and the data transfers, our new server has been rock solid (see here), with plenty of bandwidth and computing power to handle our many clients.