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How To OK A Domain Transfer From GoDaddy

it's not easy to get GoDaddy to OK a domain transfer - Feb 13, 2009

While many people are happy with GoDaddy, I much prefer and recommend Dotster (easy to navigate and use) or DomainSite (cheaper than even GoDaddy and the one I am now using).

In this case, we had a domain registered thru GoDaddy that was about to expire on February 13th and wanted to transfer it over to DomainSite. You want to make sure you push thru a transfer well before the expiration date as the old registrar does not have to transfer a domain name after it has expired.

Did the appropriate transfer steps and received an e-mail from GoDaddy saying the transfer was pending and if they didn't hear from me by February 12th, the domain would be transferred automatically. Went in, couldn't find the place to do this second OK of the transfer, so didn't worry about it. On February 13th, the domain had still not been transferred.

E-mailed DomainSite who said the domain was scheduled to be transferred February 14th at 04:01am UTC (12:01 AM EST). Funny, it should have happened on the 12th. At this point, I figured maybe GoDaddy would transfer it as scheduled, or maybe they would say, "Sorry, the domain has now expired and you need to recover it first" (i.e., send them another year's worth of registration fees). Didn't want to find out.

Anyway, finally discovered how to OK a pending transfer when transferring away from GoDaddy...

For the record, Dotster and the other registrars do not require this second round of approval before transferring a domain name. GoDaddy appears to just hate to say goodbye. You're much better off with someone like Dotster or DomainSite.