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Resolving SSL_Error_Rx_Record_Too_Long Errors

one cause for SSL_Error_Rx_Record_Too_Long errors and how to resolve them

Working on a web site on my development laptop and kept getting the dreaded...

SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length.

...otherwise known as SSL error code SSL_Error_Rx_Record_Too_Long.

Turns out, had a mismatch between the IP address being published for the domain (in this case, in my HOSTS file) and the IP address in Apache's httpd-ssl.conf file ( vs. When the browsers tried to do an https: type SSL connection, they were trying on port Apache wasn't listening there and the fetch failed. Why Firefox came up with that error message, I have no idea.

Updated my HOSTS file to read and everything magically sorted itself out.

Moral of the story...

Make sure EVERYTHING for the hostname is pointing to the same IP address!   smiley face

- and -

Don't assume an error message identifies the actual problem.