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Web Server Transfer

A log of the Nov., 2012 server transfer.

Here is the log for the we-got-to-move-it-now web server transfer that happened in November, 2012.

We discovered that our old hosting company had not been open about their financial health and we needed to move to a new server now.

During the entire transition, the web sites stayed on-the-air. If you've ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes...

Friday, 2:00 AM
Status e-mail sent out. Should have the "keys" to the new server later today. Transfer currently planned for Saturday evening starting around 7 or 8 pm.
Friday, 4:20 PM
Received the keys to the server. Working on getting reverse DNS set up, checking out the server and loading up some initial software.

Saturday, 1:12 AM : Worked thru the installation of utility and support software ... and how to configure the Windows Advanced Security Firewall. Stopping for the night. Doing the conversion later today is maybe 50/50 at this point. Will know for sure by mid-afternoon.
Saturday, 11:40 AM
Critical E-mail test transfer went very well. No decision yet if doing the transfer tonight or tomorrow night.
Saturday, 3:02 PM
Things going well ... but slow. Sorting out security settings and configuration issues. Will probably not be doing the formal transfer tonight.
Saturday, 5:00 PM
Having some issues with BIND, the program that provides DNS information (like = Looks like we're going to scrub the transfer for tonight and aim for tomorrow evening.
Saturday, 6:28 PM : Finally have BIND working. Windows 2008 does not like anything foreign in the /Windows directory. Please read the e-mail I send out at 7:03 PM,
especially if you have your e-mail hosted on the server.
Saturday, 7:05 PM
Sent out an e-mail updating the status and confirming that we will not be doing the transfer tonight. Transfer now scheduled to start around 9-10 PM (MST) tomorrow.

Sunday, 2:18 PM : Did some more work last night and back-at-it now. Will do the main transfer this evening, probably starting around 9 PM or 10 PM (MST). Will be moving over some things earlier, so hopefully it won't go too late. Well see.
Sunday, 3:34 PM
Sent out final "we're doing the transfer" letter. The main transfer should start around 9 PM (MST).
Sunday, 4:50 PM
The DNS service has been switched over to the new server.
Sunday, 7:20 PM
E-Mail server software installed. (No, it's not "turned on" yet.)
Sunday, 9:25 PM
We are starting conversion now. E-mail is being "turned off" and the web sites are being flagged as "busy". Will be transferring this web site over to the new server, so you should start seeing additional updates -- coming from the new server -- around or after midnight.

Monday, 12:51 AM : About 1/2 thru reloading the configuration settings for the e-mail server (domains, accounts, & aliases). Thank God we only have to do this once.
Monday, 1:50 AM
Completed the initial pass on the E-Mail configuration settings.
Monday, 2:43 AM
Starting to copy over archived and current e-mail files from the old server.
Monday, 4:35 AM
E-mail copy finally completed (1.2 GB of messages +/-).
Monday, 5:00 AM
E-Mail back on-line. (Will post configuration info later this morning.)
Monday, 5:20 AM
Tweaked E-Mail configuration and set up initial spam settings. We'll see how it works out.
Monday, 6:07 AM
Web software configured and first web site (this one) is being served from the new server. Rest to follow over the next few hours.
Monday, 12:46 PM
Pulling an all-nighter is not all it's cracked up to be. E-mail is up and running, but the on-line e-mail reader will not be available until late tonight or tomorrow. Slowly getting web sites back on-line -- about 33% done. Sorry for the delay. Did sneak in a 1/2 hour of sleep.
Monday, 1:50 PM
The web sites have now all been moved over. If you are still seeing a Restricted message, hit the refresh button on your browser or give me a call. Next up is "turn on" some internal server stuff (including webstats) then start looking at the web interfaces for e-mail.
Monday, 5:39 PM
All the DNS domain files have been cleaned up (all 90 of them). Things appear to be running normally. Browser access to e-mail will be available tomorrow afternoon. FTP a day or so later.

Tuesday, 7:50 PM : Browser e-mail access is now available. You can access it via getmail.[your.domain] or Use your full e-mail address and password to log in.

At this point, the transfer was complete.