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Our Clients

Lodestone Systems works with a broad cross-section of industries and organization types.

Here is a select list of current and past clients and some of the work we've done for them...

Company Location Web Site Projects Client Since
Aunt Rita's Foundation Phoenix, AZ
Provide web sites and cloud based back-office support to Aunt Rita's foundation. Aunt Rita's promotes public awareness of HIV/AIDS, and raises funds to support Central Arizona programs that prevent HIV/AIDS and assist those living with HIV.

These sites use the Site Wizard framework to provide both an informative customer facing web site and all back-office data processing support needed to organize and manage the fundraising events.

Ace Publishing Phoenix, AZ Provide various web sites to support Ace Publishing's many ventures using the Site Wizard framework. 2010
Beresford Architects Phoenix, AZ Provided a different take on showcasing this architectural client. Using the extensive image handling capabilities built into Site Wizard to allow easy addition of new projects. 2010
East West Books Sacramento, CA Worked with Dena McKitrick at Artistjoyful in creating East West Books' web site using Site Wizard. 2008
Agape Network Phoenix, AZ Replaced their existing web site with a new web site using Site Wizard. 2007
Top Five Data Services, Inc. Fremont, CA
  • Created and maintain the data base application used to run their business, including industry compensation data tracking, industry survey processing, and CRM (Customer Relationship Management).
  • They maintained their web site with a version of Site Wizard. Originally, it interfaced with another web hosting service. They are currently hosting their web site on the Lodestone Systems server.
Dr. Bonnie Tenenbaum Palo Alto, CA Created and maintain an educational resources web site for the K-12 community using Site Wizard. Additional services include preparing and placing print and on-line advertising, site content maintenance, and coordination of site makeovers. 1996
Foothill Securities, Inc. Mountain View, CA Foothill Securities Created a web based CRM and paperwork processing application for securities broker/dealers and Registered Investment Advisors (RIA's) scattered across more than 60 branch offices throughout the United States. ACES allowed authorized users to maintain client information, create, validate, & print out the specialized forms needed for securities transactions, transmit that information back to the home office, and to track transactions and commissions from any web browser. Our Site Wizard product is based on the work done for ACES and Foothill Securities. 2000
GT Mart San Jose, CA the GTMart web site was absorbed and is now part of Created a multi-lingual, data base driven web site with servers located in the U.S. and China to provide "one stop shopping" for the information needs of the electronics design industry. 1998
Vietnam Venture Group Chiangmai, Thailand; Vietnam; Atlanta, GA and Provide hosting and custom coding to support different domain names working off a common web site. Eliminated their e-mail spam problem with the use of temporary e-mail addresses and spam-blocking e-mail hosted by Lodestone Systems. 1997
OmniCell Technologies Mountain View, CA Created the initial version of their WorkflowRx Pharmacy Inventory Management Software, a centralized data management system. The software tracked real-time product usage information and stored data on supply and drug usage by patient, user, location, physician and other variables. 1993
Intertec Diversified Systems Palo Alto, CA Numerous projects, including a customer and rebate processing system for the LifeScan, Inc. OneTouch Blood Glucose testing systems. 1990

For more information on any of our clients or projects, please contact us.