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Add A Document To A Page

how to add a document or document link to a page

You have a document -- usually an Acrobat .pdf or MS Word file -- and you need to add it to the web site.

Here's how to do it...

Upload the document to the Document Vault

Sign in as an administrator and...

Create the page

If you need to add a new page to the web site, do so now.

Add a {LINK}

Within the body of the page, get into Edit mode and add a {LINK} where needed.

For example, you could include something like this: Download the registration form {LINK}.

Complete the {LINK}

Finish up by...

The document link has been added.

You should add images to the site using {IMAGE}. All other "documents" (or files) can be added to the site using this procedure. This includes Acrobat .pdf files, Word .doc or .docx files, .xcls spreadsheets, etc.

Multimedia files (.mp3, .avi, etc.) can also be added if you want the visitor to download them or view them as a separate page. If you want a multimedia file to play within the web page (like on YouTube), you will need a different procedure. Contact us for help.