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Convert An Acrobat .PDF File To An Image

how to convert an Acrobat .PDF file to an image

Normally, you would just upload an acrobat .PDF file to the web site and link to it. However, if the .PDF file contains an image that you would like to display on a web page, it first needs to be converted to a .JPG or .GIF file.

There are a number of options for converting the file...

Use Adobe Acrobat

If you own a full copy of Adobe Acrobat (not just the free reader software), you can go here for a tutorial on creating image files.

Use an On-Line Converter

There are a number of places on the Internet where you can convert a .PDF to an image files or download* conversion software. is an example of a free on-line .PDF conversion tool.

Use [CTRL] [PrtScr]

Use the following procedure to copy an image from a .PDF file (or anything else that can be displayed on your Windows computer screen) into an image file...

* Note: All software downloads are AYOR (at your own risk). There is always a chance of picking up a virus or other malware.

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